As a side topic vein of Not Your Mommy’s Blog, I’ve collected all my posts about my (first) year as a heart failure patient. My hope is that these serve as reassurance for someone who is dealing with CHF themselves. I want for them what I wanted for myself this time last year: Someone to say, “Look, here’s what happens with X, Y, and Z. It’s definitely not nothing, but take care of yourself and it’ll be OK. You got this.”  So here is a year’s worth of posts about discovering, and living with heart failure as a person, mom, wife, and teacher. You know, specifically as someone who has no time or patience for this crock of nonsense, but…whatever. Whether you’re reading this for interest or as a patient, welcome. Comments are always welcome. You are invited contact me via the info available on this blog – or at – if you have further HF questions – I’m here. Enjoy!

What the Hell is This Crap?  – Finding out that a touch of bronchitis is actually your heart barely working, and the experience of a surprise hospitalization. But…but…I’m BUSY! Priorities change quickly with a diagnosis of CHF.

Let Her Sleep – Discussing the negative, life-screwing effects that lack of sleep due to heart failure can have on your average, already-tired mom.

$%@# My Students Say About Cardiomyopathy – Explaining to 5-11 year olds that the little purse box you’re wearing around school could electrocute them. A post about wearing an external defibrillator.

Wow I Must Be Lucky! – Landing right on the roulette spot that reads “NOPE YOU’VE GOT 5 MORE MONTHS TO WAIT THIS OUT” Ejection fraction testing.

Test Prep – Preparing for a simple test with potentially not-so-simple consequences.

Bionic Woman – Finding out it’s implant time, and looking on the bright side of the OR table.

The Latest Gadget – At least it’s a fancy new implant. Discussing the option to have a Sub-Q ICD.

Heart VS. Brain – Reflecting on one year as a heart failure patient and one month as an implant recipient.

Heart Failure and Success – One month later: Or maybe not – A repeat hospitalization but rejoicing in improvement and removal.