Why Blogging Feels Dumb and Why I Do It Anyway

It was a pathetic joke that Barney blogged on How I Met Your Mother. And that was how many years ago? The “actual” Barney Stinson Blog is here, and it’s fun. But I’m still mad about how that show ended. Boo, HIMYM! From August 2008 to April 2013 I published 294 blog posts at LaFamigliaD. Today, […]

To the Moms of Many, I’m sorry…

…for thinking you’re batsh*t crazy. In the past, I would occasionally witness women I knew, with three or more children, go on to become pregnant with their fourth or fifth. I wrongly assumed that, though I may like and respect this woman, she had one or more of the following major problems: Her health insurance […]


So can we talk about the NFL? Sorry, I must be on the wrong blog…*door slam* Can we talk about why they think it’s totally forgivable for their players to beat up people smaller than themselves? Wait. Isn’t that everybody?  But really, NFL? Really?  Carolina Panther Greg Hardy was finally dropped this month, after being convicted of assaulting […]

Now Hear This: “American Pie”

Despite spending a torturous 3 weeks in a “graduate level” music history course this summer… Don’t know what this is? Neither do I.  And I did it.   …I am not all that great at regular Music History classwork. My head still hurts from July. However:  I find the cultural events and personal stories behind the music fascinating.  You’d […]

7 Tips for Back-To-School Success

We are a two-teacher household, and we do not “work” in the summer. We keep busy with summer rehearsals for school-year ensembles, curriculum writing, prepping classrooms for the next school year, I’m taking courses towards my Master’s, blah blah blah…Oh yeah and we do have the kids. So yes, “It must be nice to have […]