Alice and Sexy Cheeseburger

This ad just makes me sad. I can’t find it on Youtube, but ispot has it up here.  I’ll break it down for you. (Sorry about the play buttons in the middle up of the photos – I screen-capped the video.) Don’t mind me including my own voice-over.     Yes, these are (very young) adults and […]

12 Things I Want My Daughters To Know

Your intelligence should be ever-expanded with quality books, education, and conversation. Don’t stop seeking them out. I really don’t care if you don’t take a jacket. You’re not going to die of exposure in New Jersey. Just don’t be the girl who doesn’t take a jacket and then whines about the cold. She’s annoying. Focus […]

$%@# my students say about cardiomyopathy

So I’ve had the surprisingly enjoyable task of  explaining the whole “Where Was Mrs. D” thing to my students. I basically told them 5 things: 1.  I was really sick and I didn’t know it. Always tell your parents and go to the doctor when you feel like you can’t breathe right. 2. My heart […]

The Greatest Story Ever Told

So, leave it to the BBC to perfectly sum up how I understand Christmas. I know, those Brits are always so warm and fuzzy. Not. I love this:  Vicar of Dibley, aside from being a funny and intelligent TV show starring the incomparable Dawn French, has pretty much nailed my entire understanding of religion in one quick monologue, flanked by vulgar […]

Baby Poser

Because I’m awful… But so are these. Enjoy… Moments later, baby Emily was tragically crushed by the ostrich returning to its nest. Sure, but if a grown man wears this cute outfit, everybody assumes he’s a stripper. Because she wanted the happy, incident-free life of Daisy Buchanan. The bow says “I’m Mommy’s princess!”, but the face […]

7 Tips for Back-To-School Success

We are a two-teacher household, and we do not “work” in the summer. We keep busy with summer rehearsals for school-year ensembles, curriculum writing, prepping classrooms for the next school year, I’m taking courses towards my Master’s, blah blah blah…Oh yeah and we do have the kids. So yes, “It must be nice to have […]