Leave my 2nd grader alone, Arne Duncan

This quote and stunning portrait of Secretary Duncan popped up on social media last week. It’s from his speech during a 2009 visit to a Brooklyn elementary school. It is, of course, taken out of context here.  But that just means it’ll fit right in with every other quote on the internet, ever. Here’s a post about Mr. […]

Sometimes you’re the example…

…and sometimes you’re the cautionary tale. Follow My Example: Jersey suburbanites that we are, we pride ourselves on dragging bringing the kids along on outings in the city of Philadelphia.  We feel it is an important center of American history and culture for the area, and they should experience this vibrant, growing metropolis. And Mommy and Daddy […]

Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead

You just said, “What?” and realized that you’re actually quite old, right? Me too. According to blogger Robert Sorokanich at Gizmodo, the last Saturday morning cartoon on broadcast TV aired last weekend. No, really. The CW networked was the last hold-out, switching their block of anime-style toons over to the “educational programming” that is mandated by […]

Baby Poser

Because I’m awful… But so are these. Enjoy… Moments later, baby Emily was tragically crushed by the ostrich returning to its nest. Sure, but if a grown man wears this cute outfit, everybody assumes he’s a stripper. Because she wanted the happy, incident-free life of Daisy Buchanan. The bow says “I’m Mommy’s princess!”, but the face […]