Soooo…it’s been quite a week. Anybody else make the mistake of taking their daughter voting last week? “Nevermind! Turns out the country is a lot more sexist that we thought.” Whew! Glad I’m not the only one who screwed that up. My 9 year-old cried bewildered tears Wednesday. This was a very black and white issue for […]

Alice and Sexy Cheeseburger

This ad just makes me sad. I can’t find it on Youtube, but ispot has it up here.  I’ll break it down for you. (Sorry about the play buttons in the middle up of the photos – I screen-capped the video.) Don’t mind me including my own voice-over.     Yes, these are (very young) adults and […]

War on Thanksgiving?

We have RULES in this family, dammit. There are certain expectations for all of us. We must uphold our values, no matter how societal pressures influence us. These restrictions are hard and fast and non-negotiable. You can do whatever you like in your own house, of course. And if I don’t like a store’s policy of putting […]

Spotify and the Music Streaming “Problem”

Taylor Swift  made news this week by pulling her entire catalog of music from Spotify. “…I just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free”, says Ms. Swift in the Us Weekly article linked above.   Oh, Taylor. You have it so very wrong. The model for the production […]

Why Blogging Feels Dumb and Why I Do It Anyway

It was a pathetic joke that Barney blogged on How I Met Your Mother. And that was how many years ago? The “actual” Barney Stinson Blog is here, and it’s fun. But I’m still mad about how that show ended. Boo, HIMYM! From August 2008 to April 2013 I published 294 blog posts at LaFamigliaD. Today, […]


So can we talk about the NFL? Sorry, I must be on the wrong blog…*door slam* Can we talk about why they think it’s totally forgivable for their players to beat up people smaller than themselves? Wait. Isn’t that everybody?  But really, NFL? Really?  Carolina Panther Greg Hardy was finally dropped this month, after being convicted of assaulting […]

Now Hear This: “American Pie”

Despite spending a torturous 3 weeks in a “graduate level” music history course this summer… Don’t know what this is? Neither do I.  And I did it.   …I am not all that great at regular Music History classwork. My head still hurts from July. However:  I find the cultural events and personal stories behind the music fascinating.  You’d […]