Now Hear This: Misfit Country

Are you a total sucker for inspirational songs? It’s ok, you can admit it later. I’m also an irrational disliker  of modern country music. I’ve tried, I swear. Please comment with a country song that will change my mind. I dare you.  Through the wonders of my Discover Weekly list on Spotify, I’ve recently played to death enjoyed […]

Spotify and the Music Streaming “Problem”

Taylor Swift  made news this week by pulling her entire catalog of music from Spotify. “…I just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free”, says Ms. Swift in the Us Weekly article linked above.   Oh, Taylor. You have it so very wrong. The model for the production […]

Now Hear This: “American Pie”

Despite spending a torturous 3 weeks in a “graduate level” music history course this summer… Don’t know what this is? Neither do I.  And I did it.   …I am not all that great at regular Music History classwork. My head still hurts from July. However:  I find the cultural events and personal stories behind the music fascinating.  You’d […]

Now Hear This: “All About That Bass” and Other Self-Esteem Anthems

As one of those rare music teachers who doesn’t yet hate music, I’m kind of into analyzing some songs. Very little of that material would count towards my graduate credits, sadly. I’ll be doing a recurring series here called “Now Hear This”.  Here’s #1, a little summer earworm. You’re welcome. First, a head’s up: this video […]