In Memoriam

On January 5, 2019, I received an email from the hosting provider of this site, explaining that the site had been hacked. I spent the better part of my weekend cleaning up all of the damage the malicious parties had done. Unfortunately, this site was lost in the process. However, I was still able to extract all of the content of Meg’s posts, even though the actual site files were gone.

I added to my to-do list, to at some point, come back and rebuild the site, since I still had all of the content. It had been over a year since Meg had last posted, and maintaining this site was no longer a priority for her, so her recommendation was to not worry about it.

Little did we know that, only three-and-a-half weeks after this conversation, on the evening of January 29, 2019, Meg would pass away suddenly and tragically from cardiac arrest.

Meg truly enjoyed writing. She didn’t always have to time or the energy to keep up with it. But her small audience loved what she wrote. I think it is important to preserve her writing, and therefore I’ve set out to archive the original content of, so that all can continue to share in her memory, love, and talents as a writer.

This site looks very different from the original (which can, at the time of this writing, still be viewed on the Internet Archives). I was not able to recover the images she lovingly added to the site, so you’ll see broken image links throughout. I also was not able to use the original theme, as this theme was coded by a really inexperienced developer (that would be me, 6 years ago) and contained security holes that allowed the hacker to get control of the site in the first place.

The new site you are seeing is archived. There will be no new posts here, and discussions have been turned off for all posts. However, all of the content is still there. Her funny, witty, loving, and hilariously-opinionated writing is still there for us all to read and share in.

Bob D’Errico
Meg’s loving husband