Parenting, Defined

Baby:  1. Infant. 2. Youngest child. Note: May be defined as a 50 pound, almost 6 year-old who wears a size 7-8. Bedtime:  The primary time of day a child experiences bodily ailments that would prevent her from doing fun stuff at any other time. Coffee:  Beverage, usually served hot, that functions as the exclusive reason for getting out […]

Now Hear This: Misfit Country

Are you a total sucker for inspirational songs? It’s ok, you can admit it later. I’m also an irrational disliker  of modern country music. I’ve tried, I swear. Please comment with a country song that will change my mind. I dare you.  Through the wonders of my Discover Weekly list on Spotify, I’ve recently played to death enjoyed […]

War on Thanksgiving?

We have RULES in this family, dammit. There are certain expectations for all of us. We must uphold our values, no matter how societal pressures influence us. These restrictions are hard and fast and non-negotiable. You can do whatever you like in your own house, of course. And if I don’t like a store’s policy of putting […]

Bionic Woman

So last time we talked, I was psyching myself up for a heart function test that would decide if my heart was pumping efficiently enough to get me out of the “severely depressed function” category of  cardiac patients. If not, I would need an implanted defibrillator. Statistically, people in my boat are significantly more likely to have their hearts […]

Test Prep

So tomorrow (or today, or the 22nd, whatever) I have a heart function test. Just like the one I had in April, that was SO definitive (not). It’s an ultrasound of the heart in action. It takes about 45 minutes and measures how much of the blood your heart pushes out with each pump, called […]

I Work Out

I suck at working out. I suck at working out for enough time. And I suck at finding the time to work out. Evening is no good. After the girls are in bed it is hubby time. Or at least couch time.  I have tried working out in the morning. My body doesn’t “do” morning. I have […]