Why I Don’t Miss Church, But Also Really Do

We don’t go to church anymore. Let me attempt to explain the morality, silliness, and probable hypocrisy of our decision to stop being “church people”, as if I am solidly decided about any of it. Background: We were very churchy people a few years ago. Hubby ran groups at the same Presbyterian church he’d gone to […]

And Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Hubby and I used to have an on-going joke about the Lord’s Prayer. We would snicker and/or poke each other when the debts or trespasses thing went by in the middle. Because we’re very reverent people, clearly. Actually it was because we had two different churchy-upbringings, and we disagreed about whether the line is “forgive us our […]


Every day they come in and act like monkies. They smell. Haven’t we had the deodorant talk yet?  They wear inappropriate shoes – we told them to wear sneakers from here on out, darn it! Mostly little girls in pretty sandals. They ignore us and do what they want; talking, goofing around. Then they tattle on each other. They skip out […]