Baby Poser

Because I’m awful… But so are these. Enjoy… Moments later, baby Emily was tragically crushed by the ostrich returning to its nest. Sure, but if a grown man wears this cute outfit, everybody assumes he’s a stripper. Because she wanted the happy, incident-free life of Daisy Buchanan. The bow says “I’m Mommy’s princess!”, but the face […]

To the Moms of Many, I’m sorry…

…for thinking you’re batsh*t crazy. In the past, I would occasionally witness women I knew, with three or more children, go on to become pregnant with their fourth or fifth. I wrongly assumed that, though I may like and respect this woman, she had one or more of the following major problems: Her health insurance […]

Now Hear This: “All About That Bass” and Other Self-Esteem Anthems

As one of those rare music teachers who doesn’t yet hate music, I’m kind of into analyzing some songs. Very little of that material would count towards my graduate credits, sadly. I’ll be doing a recurring series here called “Now Hear This”.  Here’s #1, a little summer earworm. You’re welcome. First, a head’s up: this video […]

The 4 Year-Old Curriculum

The 4 year old starts Pre-K this year. In our public school district, Pre-K is free and lasts half the day, much like Kindergarten in days gone by. This is because Pre-K is the new Kindergarten. Kindergarten is the new First Grade. First is the new Second, and after that you’d better be ready to take […]