The Greatest Story Ever Told

So, leave it to the BBC to perfectly sum up how I understand Christmas. I know, those Brits are always so warm and fuzzy. Not. I love this:  Vicar of Dibley, aside from being a funny and intelligent TV show starring the incomparable Dawn French, has pretty much nailed my entire understanding of religion in one quick monologue, flanked by vulgar […]

Sometimes you’re the example…

…and sometimes you’re the cautionary tale. Follow My Example: Jersey suburbanites that we are, we pride ourselves on dragging bringing the kids along on outings in the city of Philadelphia.  We feel it is an important center of American history and culture for the area, and they should experience this vibrant, growing metropolis. And Mommy and Daddy […]

Why Blogging Feels Dumb and Why I Do It Anyway

It was a pathetic joke that Barney blogged on How I Met Your Mother. And that was how many years ago? The “actual” Barney Stinson Blog is here, and it’s fun. But I’m still mad about how that show ended. Boo, HIMYM! From August 2008 to April 2013 I published 294 blog posts at LaFamigliaD. Today, […]